• Facility Rental Request 

    Click here to submit an online request to rent our facility.

    Request Procedures:

    1. Requests for the use of the kitchen and gym facilities must be made, if possible, 30 days prior to the scheduled event. All requests are to be sent to the school office (unless submitted online) and will be processed within two days. If you have not received confirmation within that time, please confirm that the school has received your request, and then inquire on the status of your request.
    2. Requests will be honored in the order they are received; however with multiple requests, members will take priority over non members. Only functions and activities that the School Board deems appropriate and are in harmony with the school’s mission statement and purpose will be considered.
    3. Rental times cannot be considered that would conflict with the school’s use.
    4. Cornerstone Christian School reserves the right to refuse or cancel any rental. In the event that a scheduled function is canceled, Cornerstone Christian School is under no obligation for any expense incurred by the sponsor of the event.  
    5. Non-members (those who are currently not members of the Cornerstone Christian School Society) cannot reserve the facility more than four months in advance.
    6. A tour of the facility can be arranged by scheduled time with the school office.
    7. One person shall take responsibility on behalf of the renters. He/She will be required to sign and agree to maintain the facility and property rules. All of the forms, information, and description for the intended use must be clearly and accurately detailed to process the request and rental fee.
    8. Rooms must be left in the same condition in which they were found, putting all furniture in its proper place.
    9. All garbage generated during your event must either be placed in the school’s dumpster or you must haul it away.
    10. With no exception the full amount of the fee and damage deposit is due within two weeks of commitment from Cornerstone Christian School. Fifty percent of the fee and the damage deposit will be refunded if reservations are canceled within two weeks of the scheduled event. Checks are to be made payable to Cornerstone Christian School.
    11. Basic rental of the facility may include the access and/or use of:
        • Gym
        • Washrooms in the gym and school
        • Parking areas
        • Playground
        • Opening and lock up (one time)
        • Kitchen: Rental party must contract with the Kitchen Committee for functions that use the kitchen in any capacity. Optional agreements for hiring event servers or renting additional items can be made with the Kitchen Committee.  See Part E of Rental Rules.
    12. The applicable portions of the Facility and Property Rules portions of this agreement are to be signed by the person responsible at the time of making a request for the rental.
    13. The “Post Rental Checklist” must be filled out by the renting party and signed off by the school’s rental coordinator before any damage deposit will be returned.