• Debbie Johnson

    As I read through Scripture what stands out for me, is the firm foundation we have in our God.  School learning is different this year, with the challenges of new rules and scenarios.  School may even change on us part way through the year, but God never changes. He is Faithful. With all the things that can frustrate us, or make us anxious, the most important thing is that we follow in the ways of the Lord.  Working with your children, assisting them in their learning, is where God has placed me this year.  I can only do that in God's strength, and with God's help.  Whatever comes on our path this year, we know God is with us every step of the way, and in that we rejoice!

    This year I will be taking a bit larger role, teaching the 3/4 Bible, History, Geography, Science, and Music classes, as well as Language 4, and Yearbook 9/10.  I'm excited to delve into all of these subject areas with your children. May God bless all our efforts.

Debbie Johnson
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    Grade:  4

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