• Jack Marissen

    I love teaching science and math. Over the years, I have been privileged to teach a great number of students to maximize their potentials and excel in the pursuit of academic excellence.

    My passion for teaching Science and math has helped to provide a broad and balanced education ensuring all my pupils gain core knowledge across a range of key topics so that they get the best start in life.

    My method of teaching has changed over the years. Currently I am using the approach in science of basing all education on the experiences students have in the classroom. This means that students will do experiments and watch demos and from that the learning will stem.

    Periodic tests will be administered in order to measure the progress of the student. One key process in my teaching style is feedback and references for the student(s) as well as the parents for proper monitoring and measurement of growth. Regular evaluations will be posted on Gradelink where it is easily ascertained how much progress is happening.

    We hope that with God’s grace that we have another successful year. May He bless.

    This year I am teaching Earth Science 7/8, Algebra 9/10, Experimental Science 9/10, Physics 11/12, and Pre-Calculus 12.

Jack Marrisen
  • Grade: 9/10 Homeroom
    Room: 111