• Cleaning Info: August 2019 to June 2020

    Welcome back to another school year and THANK YOU for helping out and taking your turn! Following is a brief explanation for the newcomers and a refresher for the oldtimers.

    -Three families are scheduled to clean each week. However, your cleaning week actually runs from Friday to Friday as you are expected to help out on the Friday prior to your scheduled week. This means that there will be a total of 6 families working each last day of the week. Plan to spend at least an hour per day and probably longer on Friday.

    -The cleaning supply room contains everything necessary for cleaning as well as replenishing bathroom and classroom supplies. A bathroom cart can be found in the staff bathroom in the gym wing as well.

    -A list of daily and weekly tasks is hanging on the wall just outside the supply room. Please mark down what you are going to clean that day so the other cleaners know what is already being done.

    -If you have taken on the duty of cleaning the bathrooms for the day, please start with the girls bathrooms, allowing the boys time to use their room without an awkward interruption.   

    -Pick larger items up before vacuuming (i.e. bobby pins, paper clips, eraser bits), the vacuum cannot handle them! Please leave vacuum bag changing to the cleaning lady.

    -Use the whiteboard to let me know if: supplies are low, something is broken, you have a suggestion, etc…

    -If you see something that requires attention, please clean it! 

    Out of respect to your fellow cleaners please note:

    -You’re responsible to make your own trade(s) if your scheduled week isn’t convenient for you. When you make a change, please mark it on the schedule in the supply room so fellow cleaners know who to expect. 

    -If you are unable to start cleaning at 2:35, please let the people you are working with know, and expect to stay later in order to complete your share of the work. 

    -If you cannot clean and would rather pay than trade, please contact me for a list of people willing to clean for cash. If you would like to be added to this list, please let me know. 

    -Children are encouraged to help but parents must ensure that their jobs are completed and done well.  Adults please take the bigger jobs (eg. bathrooms and vacuuming) and let the kids do the easier ones (eg. garbages and desks). 

    Out of respect for the teachers:

    -Please keep an eye on your little ones. Do not let them use the teachers markers, write on the whiteboards, go through desks, or take things off of shelves. If you have school age children who are not helping you clean, please have them wait outside for you.

    Let’s work together to take good care of what has been entrusted to us so that our building may serve us well for many years!

    Any questions or concerns please call, text or email:      Shona Doornbos  (360-389-8522)