• High School Program

    Our high school serves students in grades 9-12. Because most of the core courses are combined (grade 9/10 and 11/12), most of these courses are taught in 2-year cycles.

    Bible or Reformed Studies has been divided into 4 years: two years of Old Testament and two years of New Testament. Because of the combination grades the students stream into their freshman year wherever the Bible program is up to in the 4-year cycle.

    The History/Geography program is divided as follows: World Geography, United States History, United States Government and History of Civilization. The textbooks used in these courses come from BJU Press.

    English across the grades involves novel and play studies, writing, grammar, and readings from an anthology.

    In 9th & 10th grade, the students take Algebra 1 and Geometry. The math courses in 11th and 12th grade are separate classes. Students have the choice to take Algebra 2 (11), Pre-Calculus (12) and/or Business Math.

    Chemistry is taught in either ninth or tenth grade and Physics in the alternate year. An apologetics unit on Evolution is taught in the same year as Physics. For the juniors and seniors, a choice is made each year on what the majority would like to take: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, or Earth Science.

    In addition to the core subjects, the 9/10 students may choose from the following electives: Web Design, Manufacturing Foundations (Technic Training Center), Yearbook, and Art. The juniors and seniors take two mandatory half-credit courses: PE and Spanish.
    To be eligible for graduation, the seniors must complete a Senior Project and receive a passing grade in Reformed Studies (Bible).

    The juniors and seniors also have electives they can choose as part of their 7-credit-a-year course load. Culinary Arts, Manufacturing Foundations and Horticulture are the three teacher-led course available. 

    Further information on specific graduation requirements can be found in the Parent Handbook.