Kitchen Committee Information


    Rental party must contract with the Kitchen Committee for functions that use the kitchen in any capacity. There are no kitchen rental fees for CCS or ARC events.

    2016/17 contact: Shona Doornbos (360) 318-1077

    Rental parties have the option of hiring the Kitchen Committee to provide servers for their event.  The Kitchen Committee requests that the event organizer meet with the Kitchen chairperson at least one month in advance to work out details and complete the contract.  Supervision by the Kitchen Committee is required for rental by non-members.

    Rental parties have full use of the kitchen and its listed inventory except for consumables and paper/disposable products.  Any equipment/item broken or damaged is to be replaced or repaired to its original condition.

    Wineglasses and round white tablecloths are available for an additional rental fee.  Contact the Kitchen Committee and complete a rental agreement prior to the event.

    The kitchen equipment and inventory are the property of CCS and are not to be removed from the building. 



    Kitchen Committee Fees

    1.    Serving at events:  

         Base Fee*:

    Small group (<100 guests) $50

    Large group (>100 guests) $100

                            ~ each server** required: $15/hr.

         *base fee is payable upon submission of contract

         ** number of servers required is at the discretion of the Kitchen Committee


    2.    A $75 fee will be charged to cover supervision by the Kitchen Committee chair during an event of any non-member. This charge is not applicable if the Kitchen Committee will be providing servers.


    3.    On site wineglass and tablecloth rental policy is as follows:
          Per wineglass:       $0.25 rental fee
                                        $1.00 fee for each broken glass
          Per tablecloth:       $7 rental fee if we wash
                                        $4 rental fee if rental party washes 
                                        $17 fee if returned damaged or excessively dirty


    Kitchen Committee event server responsibilities:

    1.    Arrange food table(s) as instructed

    2.    Make coffee, tea, punch, pour wine

    3.    Keep tables supplied with food, plates, cups, silverware, cream, sugar, etc.

    4.    Refill coffee, tea, punch as needed

    5.    Clear dishes and food from tables

    6.    Wash dishes following the event


    Rental party responsibilities:

    1.    Set up and take down all tables, chairs and decorations

    2.    You (or your caterer) purchase and deliver the prepared food to the kitchen and instruct us on table set up and serving.

    3.    Provide punch ingredients and recipe

    4.    Provide a copy of the program

    5.    Provide containers for leftovers

    6.    Supply: ice, coffee, tea, sugar, cream, softened butter, napkins, punch cups, doilies for trays/cake, cake knife, any other necessary paper products

    7.    Remove all food and decorating supplies from the kitchen after the event.

    8.    Remove all trash after the event.

    9.    Leave tablecloths on kitchen island if you have paid the cleaning fee.

    10.  Any item or equipment broken or damaged is to be replaced or repaired to its original condition.





    CCS Kitchen Committee Contract