• Part B – General Rules

    1. All activities, programs, entertainment, toasting, etc, shall be consistent with our Christian commitment and witness. Therefore:
      • No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the school or on the property. Exceptions may be made by the Committee of Building and Maintenance if so requested by the rental party. (E.g. Wine used for toasts at dinners or banquets.) In this case proper permits must be obtained, laws must be followed, and the renter is responsible for all members of their party.
      • No smoking or use of tobacco is permitted anywhere in the school or on the property.
      • Dancing is not permitted on the school premises.
    2. Food and drink may be consumed only in the kitchen, front foyer, or in the gym.
    3. No school property is to be brought outdoors or leave the premises.
    4. Thermostats and fans are not to be touched except by the school supervisor or custodian.
    5. Broken or damaged items must be reported immediately. The renter agrees to pay for all damaged or broken items or property.
    6. Clean up is required for all and any use; kitchen floor is to be mopped and room is to be kept tidy and clean. Garbage is to be placed in school dumpster.
    7. Chairs and tables will be set up and taken down by the renting party and stored in the correct location immediately after the event is over, unless arrangements for the following day have been agreed to. No set up or take down is permitted on Sundays. Services to set up and take down tables and chairs can be arranged by the Kitchen Committee for an agreed on price. The renting party must inform their set up crew to use all precaution in protecting the gym floor by inspecting the tables and chairs that are set out and ensure that all the legs have fully intact and functioning floor protectors. Chairs and tables are to be set up only in gym or foyer.
    8. No furniture or any object is permitted to be dragged over the floor.
    9. Week evening rentals will normally end at 11:30. If later rents are required it must be approved by the Committee of Building and Maintenance. Additional time will be charged in accordance with the rate schedule. Saturdays the building will be vacated by 11:00pm.
    10. No vehicles are permitted on the school lawn or sidewalks.
    11. Parents must supervise children at all times to ensure that restricted areas of the school are not trespassed or damaged. Renting parties will be responsible for the cost of all and any damage.
    12. The school will not be held responsible for items left behind by the renting party for either reimbursement or repair.

    Part C – Decorating Rules

    1. Decorations must be consistent with Christian standards.
    2. Any party requiring decorations is to supply their own materials. No decorations are to be left on the school premises. Props, trellises, or other pre assembled objects must be inspected prior to placement on the gym floor.
    3. Smokeless and drip-less candles are permitted but must be in approved candle holders.
    4. Thumb tacks, staples, masking or any adhesive tapes that will mar the wood work, walls or furniture are prohibited. Plasti Tac® or similar adherents will be permitted for decorating. Helpful ideas can be requested from the school coordinator. All Tac and other adhesive materials must be completely and carefully removed.
    5. No canopies or drops of any material can be hung from the ceiling; all decorations must conform to local fire regulations. Helpful ideas can be requested from the school coordinator.

    Part D – Equipment Rules

    1. A sound system can be rented; see rate sheet. The sound system will be set up by school personnel.
    2. Gym score clocks are not available for rental parties and are to be used only for school hosted games; control module is to be operated only by a trained operator.
    3. Volleyball equipment must be set up by school events coordinator and taken down after event.
    4. Gym equipment use must be requested on this rental agreement and be properly returned to storage locations. Gym balls are to be used only in the gym. No out door use permitted. Absolutely no basket balls or dribbling is permitted in the foyer, stairs or mezzanine. Balls are not to touch the gym ceiling or walls above the wood panels. Only school equipment is allowed for use in the gym.
    5. A portable stage is available, but it needs to be set up and dismantled by school personnel only.

     Part E – Kitchen Use Rules

    1.    Establish contact with the Kitchen Committee at least one month prior to the event.