• Update #1

    Update #1

    If you currently are able and willing to make a cash contribution towards the Endowment starter Fund, please make your check to Cornerstone Christian School and note "CCS-Endowment Starter Fund" on the memo line of your check or direct deposit and send it to the school treasurer. These contributions are all fully tax deductible.

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  • Update #2

    Update #2

    Over the next while we will be working to clarify and share with interested potential donors, families, and estate planners means and ways that they can give to the ESF from a variety of areas such as:
    - financial assets (Stock, Real Estate, Life Insurance proceeds, etc.)
    - estate disbursements as a result of Estate planning and estate gifting to a foundation/starter fund,
    - businesses who save on taxation while giving to this charity,
    - memorial designations on behalf of loved ones,
    - charitable Gift Annuities,
    - various forms of Charitable Trusts,
    - gift proceeds from a Life Insurance Policy.
    For now, we have attached some sample legal language that could be used as a template to handle various ways one might want to include our Endowment Starter Fund in their will.

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