• Cornerstone Christian Scrip Program

    What is Scrip?
    A number of local businesses have generously agreed to sell Cornerstone Christian School Scrip (grocery gift certificates or gift cards and Cash Back Lynden checks) at a discount of 5% from the grocery stores and 4% from local businesses.  This allows us to apply 2% to Scrip Fund and the extra 3% from groceries and 3% from local businesses to Tuition and Membership.  You can also designate your savings to the Scrip Account whose profits benefits the school.

    What businesses participate in this program?
    Year round we offer gift cards to “The Markets” which include Lynden Food Pavilion, The Red Market and Cost Cutter. We also offer Lynden Dollars which can be used at many participating local stores and restaurants. Once a year before the holidays we offer a promotion to many national chains such as Macy’s, Kohl’s, Applebee's, and more. 

    Why buy Scrip?
    It's an easy and unique way to accumulate savings to tuition, membership, etc. at no cost to you and at the same time help support your local businesses. Reduce your tuition as you shop!

    Who can buy Scrip?
    The program is available to everyone! That's right - parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors and co-workers. You can even sell scrip to friends and relatives to boost your rebate level. Scrip gift cards are great for gifts for the holidays, employee gifts, weddings, graduation, birthdays, etc.

    How is the rebate paid out?
    Families with tuition and membership dues will receive a statement annually in January that will show the credit that will be applied towards their tuition and membership fees and you will be able to deduct this amount from your next payment.

    How do I order Scrip?
    Contact our Scrip Coordinators - Lydia Faber or Helena Vandriel - or download the Scrip Order Form