• Lean Classroom

    Our class is working on developing and building a lean culture every day.

    Every day we focus on an improvement that has been made. Because everyone is required to make One 2 second improvement a day, it is easy to showcase and celebrate one improvement every day. We take the improvements that are the most compelling and produce short videos showing the problem and improvement. These videos are posted here on our school website. These videos are designed to be quick 2-5 minute examples of what Lean looks like in living color. We recommend that you take the time to view them.

    The concept of reviewing an improvement everyday comes from the idea that if you want to make a culture stick you must do the following 3 things:

    • Create an expectation: Our expectation is that everyone makes a 2 second improvement everyday.
    • Inspect the expectation: This is done by giving class members an opportunity to share their improvements made at either home or school during the morning meeting.
    • Reinforce the expectation: This is done by showing everyone videos of the improvements being made on a daily basis