• This week's spelling words:

     Grade 1The words this week are from the -st family.  Notice that the first four words are the same except for the vowel.  Students should be listening for the vowel sound to help them write these words correctly.
     mast   mist   most   must   best   lost   we   you 
     Grade 2The words this week have the short /o/ sound.
     fog   flop   jog   off   cot   spot   soft   soft   tops   drops   long
    challenge words          funny   where   away
     Grade 3The words this week have the final /le/ sound.  Many times, a double consonat comes before the final /le/ sound.  Many words with the final /le/ sound have the spelling patterns n_le  or r_le.
     candle   handle   tangle   jungle   marble   apple   bubble   bottle   jingle   pebble   people   turtles people   turtles   little   waddle   whistle
    challenge words          movement   consider   fruit